Drinking Water Will NOT Kill You!

I’m losing my fucking mind over this: “Tom Brady’s Water Habit Could Kill an Ordinary Person.” And all the terrible headlines about it.

Really? Well, call me Superman, because I drink at least that much water every day and I weigh less than Tom.

Fun fact: I’ve been applying the Tom Brady water habit for years. I drink 150 to 220 ounces of H2O goodness per day and weigh 170 pounds. I have been drinking that much water for seven years now. It probably helps me keep my boyish good looks (see photo taken this morning).

Is this guy almost 30 or heading to college class?

Unfortunately, I do not have as much money or as many Super Bowl rings as Tom. So, while I can’t say that drinking that much water will make you super successful, I can say that it will not kill you. I’m not writing this postmortem.

It’s something weightlifters, bodybuilders and high-performing athletes have known for a long time, yet for some insane reason the media keeps trying to tell everyone to be careful they don’t drink too much water.

For the last two months, I’ve also been sober. Not that I had an alcohol addiction before that, I just wanted to take a break and see what it was like. Holy shit! The revelations. The productivity.


No alcohol, more water. My mind and body have never functioned better.

Oh, this whole “sodium levels drop too low” thing is bullshit. Are those people selling processed foods and beverages? Why are they pumping sodium?

If that was the case, you could just add sodium to your water and solve the problem. But they don’t mention that… Interesting omission, “experts.”

Even the FDA is saying Americans consume WAY too much sodium. And the FDA is generally atrociously slow with good information.

My travel companion slash roommate for the last three months calculated our sodium intake for the last two months, while we’ve been cooking veggies and eggs and “covering it” in salt every day. Or so we thought…

In reality, we each consumed in one week the amount of sodium that the average American consumes in one day. ONE DAY. Holy bejesus.

Yeah, that high-sodium, low-water diet is clearly working wonders for everyone, “nutritionists.” Are nutritionists having their student loans paid by Kraft Foods and Coca-Cola to spout this anti-water non-sense they print on the internet? Legit question.

The average American is really fat, as in 23 pounds overweight fat. That’s horrible. We need to stop skirting the issue because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and tell the truth. When the hell are we going to admit that being fat is harmful and push people to fix it?


Americans are fat. It’s unhealthy and bad for everyone.

Being fat makes a person unproductive, lethargic and a liability (medically and as an employee). Fat people being less productive and getting sick more often because they inflated their human frame to twice (or more) what it should be is causing everyone more problems.

People eat more when they are around someone who overeats. People tend to react poorly to negativity. People tend to get sick when the people around them at work are sick. We need to break the cycle of being fat and sick.

Somebody has to tell it like it is or the problem will never get fixed. And this problem concerns all of us.


I think there’s an anti-water campaign by the US food and beverage lobby.

It’s true that I distrust all government entities. Money and power drive them, not goodwill. Don’t believe that bullshit. The government cronies are not trying to help you; they are trying to control you for their benefit.

Dairy causes acne. You want your kid to have clear skin and not spend thousands of dollars per year for specialty acne-reducing face creams? Try going dairy-free. Seriously.

Three-quarters (75%) of the human population is allergic to dairy in some way. Most just don’t realize that’s the cause of their problem(s). But our dairy lobby keeps blasting ads to kids they need milk, with full support and approval of the FDA.

It’s fucking weird that we drink another species’ breastmilk. It’s also cruel how we get it. We tear families apart, psychologically traumatizing the young to steal the life-force from the mother for our own selfish desires. Sounds pretty fucked up when it’s phrased that way, doesn’t it?

Don’t defend the dairy industry and attack me for pointing out the cruelty and weirdness of it, like some goof did on my Facebook wall because he loves cheese and everybody else is doing it (pretty sure that was his logic).

Dairy is unhealthy. Soda is poison. Alcohol is poison.

Swear to God – if you stop drinking poison and replace it all with water, that sweet life-giving nectar of the gods that comprises over 50% of our bodies, you will stop being sick all the time. You will stop feeling tired all the time. You will acquire a Tom Brady-esque, or Gisele-esque, youthful glow because your skin will finally actually be fully-hydrated for the first time in your life.

People think the way they feel (tired, lethargic, sick, heavy, bloated, shitty, etc) is normal.


Stop consuming sugar (poison) and dairy. Cut your sodium intake in half (at least). Double your water intake. Then, talk with me in two weeks. That’s free health coaching right there. That advice not being taken is also the reason I quit being a personal trainer.

Concerned you’ll be peeing “all the time?” While that’s technically impossible, it’s good to discharge more waste fluid. Your body prefers to be hydrated. You may find it annoying, but your body loves it.


“Drinking Water Could Kill You” is sensationalist manure.

Water has killed 14 people according to “research.” I don’t know of a timeframe. Maybe that’s in history. The link to research was conveniently not working.

So, over-hydration is more likely to kill you than marijuana, which is currently at maybe one death. But you are definitely more likely to die from lightning strike than over-hydration. Did any journalist write, “being outside could kill you?” No (hopefully). Because that’s idiotic for an article, despite technically being true.

Obesity kills 4 MILLION per year. Maybe we should address that instead.

Water is an excellent appetite suppressant. Maybe if people doubled their water intake, they’d lose some damn weight, stop costing us $190+ Billion per year and even NOT die.


Here’s a crazy idea: listen to your body.

Of course, if you’re hopped-up on excess sodium, processed sugar, hormones pumped into the animals you eat and alcohol… you may not be able to hear the signals from your body.

Quite often, what we perceive as hunger is really thirst. If you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated already. Drink more water.

Water will keep you satiated between meals so you can stay productive and leave the office earlier. Then you can avoid rush hour, hit the gym and cook a healthy dinner.

It may not be winning Super Bowls, marrying a model and being the absolute best in your field for over a decade, but… it’s something. And you’ll feel good doing it.

tl;dr: The Tom Brady Water Habit is Awesome! Drink at least 100 ounces of water per day.

Go for drinking your body weight in ounces! That’s what champions do. Be a champion!